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Can I buy any product and order the delivery to another person?

Yes, after completing the ordering process , you can enter the address and delivery specifications of the person you want to receive the package.

Is Ayyanz price are cheaper than the market ?

Our pricing policy is based on customer orientation principles and consumer rights. Generally we are quite decent and competitive, and our purchases are cost effective for our customers. Mostly offered price are set by the manufacturer or the official distributor of that product, and some other goods price are based on the model and specifications as well as the similar goods in the market are determined. Ayyanz pricing policy is fair and for every customer in every corner of the country.

Can I use Bank Check for my payment method ?

No, we don’t accept any kind of bank checks in order to avoid any possible problems in future.

How is the cost of delivery is calculated?

The cost depends on the order and the location from where the order is being made or the delivery address.

Can I change or cancel my order?

After the final confirmation of the purchase and completion of order, you will not be able to change or cancel the order. You have to contact the order Tracking Unit to cancel or change Before the completion or confirmation or purchase ,you can remove or modify you order.

Should I contact the company after registering order?

No, after completing the order purchase process , you will automatically notified via text message or email service.

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